SIRIUS Gives Better VOIP Performance

Sirius Telecom

Sirius Telecom, the nation's largest provider telecom service providers, is expanding its session by providing secure and optimize VoIP and VoIP-to-TDM communications with Sansay's VSX VoIP session which ensurues maximum performance and security. Sirius offers hosted switching and collaboration of private line services based on next-generation Veraz switch technology interfaced to Sansay's VSX. Dan Maxwell, Executive VP at Sirius delivers that session to plays a key part in delivering seamless global services. Sansay session controllers help service providers to maximize the performance and profitability of VoIP and VoIP-to-TDM networks .The most extensive routing and protocol support, 99.999% availability and superior customer support. Sirius Telecom provides VOIP, TDM and hosted softswitch partitioning ehich is one of the best feature and unique quality found in this technology.

Sansay, Inc. is a leading developer of VOIP service providers worldwide. The company's VOIP session controllers for many other subscriber access applications bring out superior performance, features, stability and scalability, this allows the providers to improve quality, reduce costs and meet basic requirements over a wide range of VOIP applications.