Latest Blackberry phone could boost VoIP traffic

Latest  Blackberry phone
VoIP traffic could be set to raised by the release of the latest Blackberry mobile phone. The BlackBerry 9800 is to be launched by developers of RIM’s at an event in New York next week. The new handset is expected to use RIM's operating system - BlackBerry OS 6 - which has got new improved features with an internet browser. And will also feature a touch screen and a full slide-out keyboard. VoIP traffic could increase as Blackberry users will be able to access IP telephony solutions via Wi-Fi. Nick Agostino, an analyst for Mackie Research Capital, states that the new phone will be crucial condition if RIM competes with Apple and Google. He claims: "This is an opportunity for RIM to respond, not only on the operating system and browser-side, but equally importantly, that they have a nice smooth operating piece of hardware".