Skype forces new Application Programe

Skype World

Skype made a big down to market when it released its long awaited 3G iPhone app last month as the product did not support free calls and many other features. And now the internet telephony company has corrected both flaws and also adding some special features. Skype has also added higher quality to the new release of its 3G iPhone app.Here multitasking is made possible and also we can switch to many other different user and events while your in call itself.And most importantly charges for the calls have been minimized and it was also based on the usage of users. The new app effectively brings AT&T, reluctantly, into the Skype ,that its rival Verizon Wireless has brought in more actively by supporting preloaded Skype apps on smartphones. This program is now a usable alternative to all cellular voice calls on the iPhone, and especially if users set up Skype accounts with its associated phone numbers for incoming calls.