VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP Phone Systems
Accessing emergency services by dialing 911 is a usual routine of the general public and the people got used to the functionality of calls to 911 over telephone services. And the VoIP providers provide voice over internet which is completely different technology.

The Differences between VoIP and Traditional 911 Calls are:

1. Traditional telephone calls to 911 will be sent to the Public Safety Answering Point and that will be responsible for a that particular area and the local PSAP can automatically identify the location and telephone number of the caller. Some VoIP providers will not get connected to the local PSAP or they may not provide reliable service.

2. VoIP calls to 911 may connect to the PSAP but will not automatically transmit telephone number and location.

3. Many VoIP providers allow their customers to make use of the telephone from any location. And updates the location information also to the customers.

4. The Traditional home telephones may get their power from the telephone company. Business telephone systems from the centralized one. 911 and other telephone calls may fail on VoIP service during a power outage.

5. VoIP calls and 911 calls may sometimes fail when the Internet connection becomes overloaded.

6. VoIP 911 calls may go through a VoIP 911 center which verifies telephone number and address before providing the service.