Call Transfer around the Office-Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant System
Need for Auto Attendant System: Most of the time business people find it difficult to manage the large number of incoming calls to their offices. Due to fear of missing the calls they are forced to remain in there offices itself. To manage such thee situations, we now have to equip offices auto attendant systems in the offices in order to make the job effective without losing any fair deals. Installing this feature is advantageous to startup a small businesses, in which they can assume the image of a well established enterprise.

Benefits of this Advanced Features are: Mail forwarding, voicemail forwarding, call screening, group dialing and many more features are programmed in this system for the user’s convenience With the help of ‘find me, follow me’ call forwarding service, all the incoming calls coming to the offices will be efficiently diverted to the users’ given numbers. For individuals, ‘do not disturb’ modes are also been programmed.

Cutting down All Standard Telecom Expenses: Unlike standard phone systems, auto attendant systems are free additional hardware and expensive phone equipment all that is not needed to the system.