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VoIP provider
With our free VoIP provider comparison and with the voip Solution provider we will be able to find the cheapest Voice service provider and compare, review and also rank VoIP services from the known service provider only providers may be based on their call rates such as monthly or international calls. The results for this will provide you the cheapest internet phone providers to any part of the world. Using our top 100 voip providers feature you will be able to compare your existing broadband phone connection or PC to Phone connection with the rest of the world. And also can recommend for cross check to see how your current VoIP service. The results in most cases are very simple and effective with all features to all Irrespective of of where you stay and if you are need is for for PC to Phone, Broadband VoIP services or even PC to PC VoIP companies then this do you job best.

Five Major facts for the hype of Google voice

Google voice
Google was in full boom when the new Voip function was introduced in the Market to Gmail . Gmail users now have the capacity to accept the calls from there computer directly by just dialing the other Gmail users. There are five facts for the voip functionality are:

1. Communications are widely integrated: In the past, we will just log into your instant messaging application to IM your friends and we also make use of computer for sending email. Rather than being revolutionary, Google now has integrated Voice with Gmail which is a natural progression, for all the users. Instead of using multiple means of sources to communicate, we can place and receive calls, text messages and e-mail your contacts from centralized access called Gmail Account.

2. It's a Convenience and effective: The major reason for driving the people to use the integrated Google Voice feature is Convenience so don’t expect mobile users to give up their devices anytime soon.

3. It all about advertising and business move: Nowadays, domestic calls are free using Voice. So the advantage which Google is getting is Google-advertising.

4. Skype access: Skype Out is the service which lets you make phone calls from your computer to anyone with a cell phone. The basic Skype service is that it allows computer-to-computer calling.

5. It a part google application for enterprises : For any user masking a change in a phone number is very simple to relate, but for enterprises it's more complicated. Hence Google application makes this very simple and effective.

Business VoIP

Private Branch Exchange
PBX Technology

Private Branch Exchange or PBX is an automatic switchboard which functions like some of the old-fashioned telephone operators switching wires and plugs. Businesses which use PBX technology usually press a number to dial out like the number ‘9.’ With the help of PBX system, a company can lease as many lines as needed from the telephone company as the maximum number of outgoing calls at one time. This is usually only out of 10% of the number of extensions. A PBX technology usually includes some of the business features like auto-attendant, call forwarding and hold music and many more.

Hosted PBX

A hosted PBX phone system brings out PBX functionality as a service, which is available all over a network or the internet. It is always better for the users to get the contract from the hosted PBX service provider instead of buying the equipment , who hosts the functionality as a simple option to the small business phone system.


COSTS – A substantial cost savings is done especially when upgrading from a traditional TDM phone system. This in long run this will save you money.

SCALABILITY – Increased efficiency and reduced bandwidth, flexible based on business needs

FEATURES – Ability to add features previously available only to large businesses until now.

FreedomVoice rolling out Newber

Freedom VOICE
Freedom VOICE a well known voip service provider are now joining up with iphone to bring out another iPhone application. Newber Beta is the first moveable number which uses iPhone’s own location, by touching the keypad once or twice the Newber calls are automatically moved to the nearest landline.Newber Beta an application created by Freedom Voice that exists as a fully functional second line on an iPhone and also uses iPhone’s built in GPS technology which locates and seamlessly transfer calls to nearest landlines, even when a call is already in progress. FreedomVoice are well known for there VoIP providers. The commercial version will be available through iTunes applications in the coming year.

They have the following features:

· Save money and reduce cell phone minutes

· Eliminate dropped calls in ‘dead zones’

· Conserve iPhone battery life

Google Phone Makes VoIP Calls

Google phone
T-Mobile and Google unveiled a potential new competitor to the iPhone technology recently. The new Google phone has been released to the market which is also known as T-Mobile G1 is 3G-enabled and comes with Wi-Fi connection so users can make VoIP calls. The phone costs vary from $179 . The T-Mobile G1 works on the 3G network also and it is very effective to all customers. As new developments and VoIP applications brings out new way to the Google Phone which will continue to update you and come with lots more features.

Phone’s attractive features are:

• Touchscreen
• Wi-Fi enabled for VoIP calls
• Google Chrome
• Google maps street view
• Full QWERTY keyboard
• Megapixel Camera

Voip Business Solution

Voip Business Solution
There are many advantages to utilizing business grade and technology, VOIP enables broadband for your small, medium and large scale business. It is the cost effective solution for getting and can handle on rising communications costs and increased demand to have phones systems in place. Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) with an IP PBX system provides enterprise-class phone capabilities which easily connect satellite offices together at drastic savings compared with other traditional phone systems. VOIP for your business brings a simplified infrastructure, advanced features, technology and cost savings for all of your communications needs. Research and compare business VOIP providers helps to find the right VOIP solutions for your business.

As the VoIP is gaining popularity in todays market for the VoIP services and its hardware is becoming more and more competitive. Recently there are several companies that are offering VoIP services and hardware for the growing market and for your VoIP phone service. VoIP Hardware plays an vital role in optimizing your VoIP phone service experience Effectively.

SIRIUS Gives Better VOIP Performance

Sirius Telecom

Sirius Telecom, the nation's largest provider telecom service providers, is expanding its session by providing secure and optimize VoIP and VoIP-to-TDM communications with Sansay's VSX VoIP session which ensurues maximum performance and security. Sirius offers hosted switching and collaboration of private line services based on next-generation Veraz switch technology interfaced to Sansay's VSX. Dan Maxwell, Executive VP at Sirius delivers that session to plays a key part in delivering seamless global services. Sansay session controllers help service providers to maximize the performance and profitability of VoIP and VoIP-to-TDM networks .The most extensive routing and protocol support, 99.999% availability and superior customer support. Sirius Telecom provides VOIP, TDM and hosted softswitch partitioning ehich is one of the best feature and unique quality found in this technology.

Sansay, Inc. is a leading developer of VOIP service providers worldwide. The company's VOIP session controllers for many other subscriber access applications bring out superior performance, features, stability and scalability, this allows the providers to improve quality, reduce costs and meet basic requirements over a wide range of VOIP applications.

VoIP Phone Service Replacing Traditional Connectivity.

VoIP phone service

The one technology that has taken over the internet community these days is the increasing popularity of VoIP phone service. Switching from copper wire phone service over to VoIP Phone service is the only way out to reduce and cut the cost from paying huge amount of dollars on a monthly basis or on a residential phone bills. Though it is usual trend itself in VoIP service providers are competing to offer best VoIP plans and services to customers all over the world. VoIP is basically based on the system of routing voice from one end to other end over internet networks or any other IP based networks. The services of VoIP vary accordingly to each provider and to their communication protocols. The companies offering these services are known as 'providers. ‘The protocols which are used to carry the voice signals over IP networks are known as 'VoIP protocols'.

These service based benefits are used mainly for commercial companies as they effectively help to reduce costs incurred. The basic fundamentals of VoIP Phone service is that it has to convert voice signal into digital packets which are transmitted over a network such as Internet. But, Voice over IP also allows making direct calls from the computer itself or from a traditional phone that is connected to an analogue adaptor. In addition to this internet VoIP phone services can locate wireless hotspots in areas like parks, airports and cafés that allows the users to utilize VoIP service wirelessly.

VoIP Business Phone Systems for the Business

VoIP Business Phone
The Vertical Retail VoIP Business Phone Solution supports all the communications needs for the regular office business supply by automating responses to routine Phone calls and having a proactive voice dialogue with callers. Vertical solutions are deployed in stack across the nation. With real-time access to inventory and backorder databases, this facility is very friendly to the users and effective also.

This Proven, Cost-Effective VoIP Business Phone Solution Provides are:

Real-time links to databases of user information, inventory and special sale items for real-time, localized response to customer requests are provided.

Historical trend analysis and very clear reporting system is followed.

Automated service response for the customer inquiries

24/7 access to information for any location and hours of operation
Forwarding of calls, within in the department or a centralized call center.

Business Voicemail Answering Facility

Voicemail answering service has become Vital part of business phone systems. This innovative technology is meant for handling calls which you are not able to attend personally. Normally, voicemail answering service is also one which is integrated with PBX phone systems.

Professional Greetings and Announcements : Business voicemail answering service is an best option to enhance your business image also add professionally recorded greetings to your business phone system for efficient telecommunication. These messages can be customized based on there convince and greet based on your business requirement.

Easy-to-use Voice Mail Box Systems : Unattended calls or busy tones may cause you to lose many important business calls. The voice mail box facility will help you manage such situations capably and works effectively. This facility helps the callers save their valuable time by leaving their voice messages in the voice mail boxes of the PBX phone systems

Create a Professional Look for Your Company : Since it is a vital part of the PBX phone system, businesses can enjoy the following features along with this service:
• Find me follow me call forwarding
• Auto attendant
• Dial by name
• Dial by extension
• Call conferencing.

Benefits of having calling cards

Calling Card

If you travel some where long, it is a very wise idea to keep a calling card handy. Just make sure that this calling card will never expire. Expiry of cards depends on various aspects like where we buy the card and there limits. They may have even the lower rates .You want to find a company that offers cards which never expire. You can also find a company that can avoid the long distance charges of your home, cell, or other phone lines.

Because of the lower call rates, you can also use the local activation number of your calling card account, to minimize long distance rates that you might otherwise have to pay. This can be very beneficial particularly if you travel out of the country. In this situation you can use your cell phone to contact and access number to avoid higher rates. Some companies have the facility to activate a number of phones so PIN number is not necessary. This helps speed up your calling and save you money at the same time. If you travel to places where your cell phone does not have proper network coverage, having a calling card can will be very flexible for yourself in an emergency situation. And if you travel to foreign countries, you can get cheaper call rates and also no need to worry about the currency conversion factors.

Call Transfer around the Office-Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant System
Need for Auto Attendant System: Most of the time business people find it difficult to manage the large number of incoming calls to their offices. Due to fear of missing the calls they are forced to remain in there offices itself. To manage such thee situations, we now have to equip offices auto attendant systems in the offices in order to make the job effective without losing any fair deals. Installing this feature is advantageous to startup a small businesses, in which they can assume the image of a well established enterprise.

Benefits of this Advanced Features are: Mail forwarding, voicemail forwarding, call screening, group dialing and many more features are programmed in this system for the user’s convenience With the help of ‘find me, follow me’ call forwarding service, all the incoming calls coming to the offices will be efficiently diverted to the users’ given numbers. For individuals, ‘do not disturb’ modes are also been programmed.

Cutting down All Standard Telecom Expenses: Unlike standard phone systems, auto attendant systems are free additional hardware and expensive phone equipment all that is not needed to the system.

Virtual Telephone Numbers Can Improve your communication system

Virtual telephone numbers
Virtual telephone numbers are the secondary numbers which is been associated with the primary numbers and hosted with PBX system. Virtual phone numbers do not cost as much as the original conventional numbers and is this will surely to improve your communication system. They are also cost effective especially for the long distance calls. PBX phones are expensive to buy, install and maintain. The price goes high as the level of sophistication. Small businesses usually look go for low-priced phone system. If you wish to have your business network more established and effective, choosing for a virtual phone number will be a better option. This can be easily done with the help of a hosted PBX system.

Virtual PBX phone systems are implemented virtually with the help of phone connections as a result there will be better PBX equipment involved in the network. Hence you will free from hassles of installing and maintaining and conventional switching components in your office premises. Even when you are located far apart your callers will get the impression that they are dealing with a business in their own area.

Major Reasons to Purchase Call Credits Online

Call Credits Online
As a consumer, we may be using to calling cards via retail stores or gas stations. But now we can purchase call cards aside from over-the-counter?Among that one great alternative of purchasing is through online. Below are 5 great reasons stating the better way to purchase call cards or recharge your prepaid call credits online as compared to buying them from the retailer.
They are:
1. Comfort: Purchasing calling cards comfortably from your own home itself, or wherever you are as long as you have computer access with internet connection. And hence this is very time consuming and effective.

2. Compare Cheaper Rates: You have the various options to compare and get different prepaid calling services that is best for your need, usage, and conforms to your budget.

3. Transparency: You can have a clear picture of what your billed for failrely and where you called for you can also get your payment transaction history and call details online anytime and ultimately you will not be into any hidden charges as like other call cards have.

4. No Contracts: As everything is done online “Pay as you go” prepaid call service also lets you avoid getting tied down with external contracts.

5. Works with Any Phone: You could use prepaid call facility on your landline or mobile phone, without having to change carriers. All you need is to access the number, and you’are ready to make your calls, domestic or international.

It is always a good Practice to look at the website certificate which certifies the website as safe for online shopping to enjoy the better service.

Latest Blackberry phone could boost VoIP traffic

Latest  Blackberry phone
VoIP traffic could be set to raised by the release of the latest Blackberry mobile phone. The BlackBerry 9800 is to be launched by developers of RIM’s at an event in New York next week. The new handset is expected to use RIM's operating system - BlackBerry OS 6 - which has got new improved features with an internet browser. And will also feature a touch screen and a full slide-out keyboard. VoIP traffic could increase as Blackberry users will be able to access IP telephony solutions via Wi-Fi. Nick Agostino, an analyst for Mackie Research Capital, states that the new phone will be crucial condition if RIM competes with Apple and Google. He claims: "This is an opportunity for RIM to respond, not only on the operating system and browser-side, but equally importantly, that they have a nice smooth operating piece of hardware".

$1,500 System Can Intercept Your Mobile Calls

$1,500 System Can Intercept Your Mobile Calls
Security researcher Chris Paget brought in the home made cell phone tower antenna that can work itself as a legitimate AT&T or T-Mobile tower to intercept all outgoing calls. The system is composed of two RF directional antennas which emits only 25 milliwatts, that is a laptop and open source software. The entire setup cost $1,500, and with a major portion of that being from the laptop. The cell tower spoofing system is able to capture and record all outgoing call conversations by intercepting the audio and then routing it through a VoIP system. Presently, the system is unable to intercept data, even if it's transmitted over EDGE.

Calls that are inbound to those connect to the spoofed cell phone tower which will be routed straight to voicemail. GSM phones and towers actually have these encryption features. Phones are supposed to have the capability to tell the customer when the phone call is no longer encrypted; Paget demonstrated that his technology by capturing about 30 phones on AT&T in the nearby vicinity. Anyone trying to make a call will first received a message telling them that their calls were being recorded in a USB stick. Paget said that he could jam 3G signals and force phones to fall back to 2G mode so that they'd be susceptible to his interceptor.

SmartNode and SmartLink VoIP telephony solutions to the users

SmartNode and SmartLink

SmartNode and SmartLink VoIP telephony solutions are just provide more facilities than what we talk. These VoIP gateway, VoIP router, & VoIP telephony solutions are really very effective. From seven years Patton engineering has been developing and refining SmartNode VoIP technology to the users. And Patton puts our advanced VoIP technology into every SmartNode VoIP router and VoIP gateway that we produce. SmartNode offers VoIP gateway and VoIP router solutions with virtually with every VoIP telephony interface that includes ISDN PRI & BRI, T1, E1, FXS, FXO, and more. Plus SmartNode supports SIP, H.323, and other VoIP technologies that fits your network.SmartNode is very mature, tested and deployed in hundreds of real-world networks, SmartNode enterprise VoIP telephone and VoIP provider solutions are fully proven and effective.

Various models and there descriptions:

Analog VoIP Gateways : SmartLink™ M-ATA, SmartNode™ 4110 Series

Analog VoIP Routers : SmartLink™ 4020 Series, SmartNode™ 2290 Series, SmartNode™ 4300 Series, SmartNode™ 4400 Series,SmartNode™ 4520 Series, SmartNode™ 4830 DSL Series, SmartNode™ 4830 Series, SmartNode™ 4900 Series

Digital VoIP Gateways : SmartNode™ 4554, SmartNode™ S-DTA

Digital VoIP Routers : SmartNode™ 4552, SmartNode™ 4562, SmartNode™ 4630 Series, SmartNode™ 4650 ADSL, SmartNode™ 4650 G.SHDSL, SmartNode™ 4960, SmartNode™ 4960 G.SHDSL, SmartNode™ 4961, SmartNode™ S-DTA

Enterprise Session Border Router: SmartNode™ 5200, SmartNode™ 5400

The trendy Sony Ericsson VIVAZ……Highest Selling phone!!

This year is a boom for latest "Technologies in mobile phones". Expensive Models are in demand only few can be found in reasonable price.Vivaz of Sony Ericsson was launched in the month of March. This Mobile consists of all the latest features and applications in it but little expensive.

Current Demand for Vivaz is all over the world. This might become this year's Highest selling Mobile phone of Sony Ericsson.This phone is exemplary where it gets demand from the old generation also.

By considering this, mobile phone network service providers like Three, Orange, T – Mobile, Virgin, O2, and Vodafone, is having tie – up with Sony Ericsson and now launching some enticing Sony Ericsson Vivaz Deals.

Its operation includes:
  • Both 2G – GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 and 3G – HSDPA 900 / 2100 and HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100 networks, as it is a 3G enabled mobile phone.
  • An incomparable quality inbuilt camera which is of 8 MP.
  • Camera has a 3264 x 2448 pixels resolution, with LED flash and auto focus, which gives high quality and clear images.
  • Dimensions are 107 x 51.7 x 12.5 mm.
  • TFT resistive touch screen, in comparison to other touch screen mobile phones.
Additional features of the screen are accelerometer sensor for UI auto rotate, scratch resistant surface and many more.

TFT resistive touch screen display is 3.2 inches long and wide. Internal storage capacity is of 75MB, it’s useful to store unlimited contact numbers, the expanded memory supports an external memory up to 32 GB, 8 GB included, with a microSD card.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz simply weighs 97 gm only.

With no trouble we can find Sony Ericsson Vivaz in the mobile phone market as well as from various online mobile phone shopping portals for 24 x 7, where from the customer can also get it with free gifts, free minutes and texts, and free connection as well.

VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP Phone Systems
Accessing emergency services by dialing 911 is a usual routine of the general public and the people got used to the functionality of calls to 911 over telephone services. And the VoIP providers provide voice over internet which is completely different technology.

The Differences between VoIP and Traditional 911 Calls are:

1. Traditional telephone calls to 911 will be sent to the Public Safety Answering Point and that will be responsible for a that particular area and the local PSAP can automatically identify the location and telephone number of the caller. Some VoIP providers will not get connected to the local PSAP or they may not provide reliable service.

2. VoIP calls to 911 may connect to the PSAP but will not automatically transmit telephone number and location.

3. Many VoIP providers allow their customers to make use of the telephone from any location. And updates the location information also to the customers.

4. The Traditional home telephones may get their power from the telephone company. Business telephone systems from the centralized one. 911 and other telephone calls may fail on VoIP service during a power outage.

5. VoIP calls and 911 calls may sometimes fail when the Internet connection becomes overloaded.

6. VoIP 911 calls may go through a VoIP 911 center which verifies telephone number and address before providing the service.

Network Handles your VoIP Calls Now?

Low Voip Calls
Business VoIP phone system is now concerned with the infrastructure. The VoIP Providers are ascertaining that your Internet connection and network infrastructure can handle VoIP in better way. Unless your got one of those big incredibly complex networks. Then you might need professional help. According to TMC’s "It’s hard to believe that at a time when cost savings are most vital for any business, and especially those smaller operations, that Voice over IP technology is still not in place for some." Chances are strong and reliable Internet connection in the office. Though bandwidth to transport VoIP calls is a bigger issue these VoIP calls are made up of data packets, this increases your available bandwidth before using VoIP. Hence prior to switching to VoIP you should calculate the total bandwidth which supports your business to receive and send calls .This can be done by multiplying the number of anticipated simultaneous calls times that the packet rely.

2 Countries to Block Blackberry Features

New software Reduces VoIP costs

New software Reduces VoIP costs

A US company has now launched a new software package which could lower the VoIP cost. The new savings tool, which was developed by VoIP provider known as XO Communications, allows businesses to calculate the potential cost by introducing a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) network. Users of the XO Enterprise SIP Savings Estimator tool can store the details of employees, there network locations and distance calls to analyze costs.

Mike Toplisek, chief marketing officer at XO Communications claims that recession has made the firms for further cost savings. He adds that this saving Estimator is an innovative tool that helps the enterprises in cost saving and to quickly and easily assess the tool. SIP networks are regularly used for VoIP as it is more efficient and cost-effective comparatively. And the overall spending is reduced by infrastructure and introducing local voice trunks.

Skype forces new Application Programe

Skype World

Skype made a big down to market when it released its long awaited 3G iPhone app last month as the product did not support free calls and many other features. And now the internet telephony company has corrected both flaws and also adding some special features. Skype has also added higher quality to the new release of its 3G iPhone app.Here multitasking is made possible and also we can switch to many other different user and events while your in call itself.And most importantly charges for the calls have been minimized and it was also based on the usage of users. The new app effectively brings AT&T, reluctantly, into the Skype ,that its rival Verizon Wireless has brought in more actively by supporting preloaded Skype apps on smartphones. This program is now a usable alternative to all cellular voice calls on the iPhone, and especially if users set up Skype accounts with its associated phone numbers for incoming calls.